About Me

 Anil Shah (Astrologer) Atlanta-USA


                                             Name: Anil Shah

                                                                      Email: anilshah19@yahoo.co.in

                                                                Website: www.anilastro.com

                                                   Phone: 404-751-6832


A well-known Astrologer with clients nationwide- Jyotish Gyata Shree Anil Shah (Vol.Retd. Senior Accounts officer / Office of the Accountant General ) is a 55 year old cool personality having more than 15 years experience in Astrological field and is the synthesis of modern education & Vedic Indian values. Fascinated with the mystery of Indian (Vedic) Astrology, Anil Shah took up premature retirement from the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Ahmedabad after 27 years of service to take up the quest to study Astrology. This quest became a passion and he decided to devote his life to help his fellow beings in making their lives happier and more meaningful. Since 1993 he opted Astrology as a career and started as a professional consultant. He is still doing lots of study, R&D in Astrology field. Today he is a columnist of various national and international magazines. Visit his website www.anilastro.com for more details.

He has post graduated in M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

“His journey began with the study of various facets of Astrology, like a degree of Jyotish Gyata from the renowned institution of India.”

The unique chemistry of   Astrology  with  Accounting  makes his analysis deep rooted, psychological and practical as he himself lives and experiences the questions which people ask him about their lives.


With a client satisfaction rate of more than 95%, his levels of accuracy regarding specific predictions has earned him great honor, but what matters most to him is the fact that he can help people. His clients became a part of his extended family. He believes in the holistic approach of Astrology, where it can become the tool for our soul cleansing and character growth in order to achieve our goals.

Please come forward and meet to connect with your future and know all about you. His valued astrological advice is available exclusively on to satisfy your curiosity. You can call, write or email him for consultancy and be prepared to be amazed.   




  1. Welcome to blog jagat

  2. Hello Mr.Shah,

    I have received your message on Group and visited your site. It is well informative for people who have interest in Astrological science.

    I appreciate the work you have done and information put up here for common public.

    Very good work.


  3. good blog.
    do visit my blog : http://www.drsudhirshah.wordpress.com
    also visit web site : http://www.zero2dot.org
    dr.sudhir shah na jai shree krishn

  4. Namaste jyotirvid Mahesh Shah, Rahu ketunu falkathan vanchyu..have mane thodo interst padyo.
    Dilip Gajjar

  5. hello,

    You make very intersting blog….

    Keep it…

    Try to put pridiation of all GRAHA with particular BHAVA…




  6. The Ank Jyotish is perfect but the Falit Jyotish is not dependable as it is an interpretation of human mind. I do not have good experience with jyotishee. Most of the Jyotishee interested in the money.

    As people are very unhappy mostly in poor country like India they often go to Jyotishee. In western country it does not happen that often.

    Jyotish Vidya is proven BOGUS in case of arranging marriages. Brahmin/Jyotish makes lot of money out of matching Kundalee.

    I think people should stay away from FALIT JYOTISH. Face and solve the problems as it comes, the best way you can with your own PURUSHARTH and prayer to your god you belieive in will bring you better results.

    This is my personal opinion and have nothing to do with your profession.

    • Jyoish Vidya is not BOUGS but the people who do not know its proper use and mislead the people are BOGUS. But unfortunately, there are very few Jyotish who have deep knowledge in Astrology and they don’t misguide people for the sake of money.

      I would say, Anil Shah is one of them who gives full justice to each and every customer after studying their case in detail, and advise them in the right direction. His 99% predictions are proved to be correct and acurate.

      Give it a try sometime if you have any questions and I am sure you will change your opinion about the Astrology.

      GOOD LUCK!

  7. Wecome to Gujarati Webjagat !
    See you on My Blog.


  9. pls give advice of my future and i like your blog

  10. Good to see thsi blog Anilbhai. Different subjects and variety will flourish the Gujarati Net World. You rhard work will help and inspire interested people. Best wishes.

  11. Hello,
    I just have a suggestion.
    Here every information is related to KUNDALI, then why don’t you give some accurate tool so that user can generate their KUNDALI, online only.

    So that after having KUNDALI, these articles would be easy to understand.

  12. for job or business

  13. nice blog keep it up

  14. my rasi is kanya i am very problam

  15. i want to apply to permenant residence at canada with my family.but i could not clear ielts exam.pl.whwn i will pass exam &GETTING VISA OF CANADA.

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